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  • How to be Productive – Part 6: Health and Performance

    I would like to continue our Productivity journey with the “Health” topic which I find super important and in many cases underestimated. Our physical well-being has a direct impact on our mental strength. Here’s how you can foster a healthy body to boost your willpower:

  • How to be Productive – Part 5: Developing Your Brain

    Welcome back to our ongoing series on productivity! So far, we’ve delved into the art of effective planning, the science of constructing a conducive environment, and the psychology behind fostering a responsible mindset. We’ve even explored how to cultivate willpower and maintain focus. But the cornerstone supporting all these elements is a well-functioning brain, your…

  • How to be Productive – Part 3: Responsibility and Mindset

    As we continue our journey exploring productivity, after setting the right environment in Part 2, we now dive into the realms of responsibility and mindset. These two facets are the inner gears that drive our actions and decisions, significantly influencing our efficiency and effectiveness. Establish Accountability In the landscape of personal efficiency and productivity, accountability…